Psi Epsilon Samurai Picture

In 2008 a group of young men bound together by a common yearning for God and service decided that the OC¬† community didn’t have quite what they were looking for. So an idea was born. A spark. One that ignited that yearning into action. These men, fueled by this yearning, rallied together under the banner of the Samurai. Bushido – The Way of the Warrior. Taking up this oath, they vowed to uphold the virtues of obedience, loyalty, self-sacrifice, honor, duty, and reverence. All this to further the Kingdom to the glory of God. These men, wealthy in the Kingdom, felt they had a duty as noble men of God, to provide for fellow man, in His name. Thus their motto was adopted – Noblesse Oblige, or “Nobility Obligates”. These men felt a responsibility to provide for those who had no provision, and to help those that could not perform their duty. With common goals and ideals in place, these men needed an identity.

They chose the greek letters Psi and Epsilon, spelling YE, to signify “You”, as another symbol of their steadfast dedication to servitude and self sacrifice. Years later and here we are, a social service club devoted to putting others before ourselves, serving God with all our hearts, and standing tall through strength in fellowship. We are the men of Psi Epsilon. This is our website.